Making cheese in your own farmers

December 20, 2010

TEXTSpeaking of fresh cheese, I did a lot of farmer’s cheese this week with an incredibly simple recipe that involves only two ingredients and approximately 25 minutes of your time. Is not exactly the method a genuine cheesemaker would use, but for the home kitchen, is a great ?short Cup. In addition, if you’ve ever tried to make cheese until it was really fun look curdled appear so quickly. Try this recipe for the farmers cheese and let me know how your consignment proves!

Meet the Guest Blogger Jane

December 18, 2010


My little corner is the Jane Lim’s blog

How long is cooked, and when / why developed a passion for food.
I started at the College of food. I Cook for first, to save costs I missed and Malaysian cuisine. Has come for Malaysian cuisine in the small town of Americans in lust, meet the you had to pick my knife and apron I difficult it was. My hands I, delicious and healthy developed a passion for food when it knows that can be created to eat my friends and family. Smile, compliment and satisfaction in his face said all.

About the French cheese like what you do?

I smooth and the texture cream yet rich flavor is as follows.

Do you like to provide service for parties and family gatherings.
United States, Malaysia food is love. How best to introduce Malaysian cuisine, fellow friend here it is. Sometimes I combine the two, and I make, such as Brie tuna Wontan fusion food. In order to provide the party with this is a great appetizer.

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10 From $ coupon!

December 15, 2010

We are to your, redesign the appearance of the packaging of our advice!

Teaching ideas with your prospective new package wild French Brie and goat cheese we new search survey!

Displays the survey participants of the first 400 $ 10 OFF Coupon, gourmet wild French cheese is good.

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Name this fresh cheese

December 11, 2010


The only thing complicated of fresh cheese, is that for many of them are therefore y similar! We all know that the difference between the mozzarella and feta, but what about the difference between the farmer, fromage cheese and cheese pot? So you never have to wonder what is the difference between quark and again cottage cheese, I did a convenient list of popular fresh cheeses and what makes them different from each other.

If you want to try a few styles of fresh cheese (most of which are at the regular of grocery stores) intend to make of the tart Strawberry mascarpone tart ?quark, tacos with queso fresco or cotija cheese chicken soup.

Brie Moeco Wantons

December 10, 2010

Looking for a perfect party Jane’s delicious recipes brie tuna wontons-to here)!
Jane recipe check her multiple small corner of my blog!


When decided to create a recipe for Brie became this recipe. To provide brie cracker usually suggest the toasted English Muffins or bagels, think outside the box but you want. I dude in a healthy combination it is correct. Therefore, create this appetizer or party of finger food or any occasion.

My thoughts from cheese unjust but came in a sense, use seasonings several slices canned tuna and brie and I totally different. I it is different also wraps. Emissions after the was the taste test time. Ask my girls to collect and try it out. We all love it, Edda pork filling as thought lol! it is a little sweet and delicious tuna and brie and time the same, but went out together. Believe I actually ate tuna wanton is difficult.

I was Chinese new year party in friend’s House, and she was using as few crackers Brie and appetizers. Tried any sort in the market of it I don’t usually so I had to brie cheese for the first time was in my house or cheese is was. Any cream blown off my husband and I and delicious it was dialog box appears, will host the brie brand she bought to forgot. And not it it tried one brand market and horrible and tasted. Afterwards, I’ve finally found it, she had to offer at the time this wild French Le Brie was I think. This cheese is gentle, creamy and delicious completely was. This brand is awesome! 

Photos of step by step guide:

1. Mixed tuna, shallot, salt and sugar bowl together.  2? According to prepare a brie cheese.  3?  Wanton wrapper gets some tuna is in place. 4?  placed on the Brie cheese. 5?  With your fingers some water is wet and wet edge fitment and wanton all around.  Sealed in different parts of the skin on the unjust. 6? When together one two, wanton together, using a little picture of seal water and above such end of pinch).  7? Is using the water a bit like the picture above with pinch is on the other end. Complete the rest of the wanton set plate and cover with wet towel / paper towel and brie tuna. 8? In the moderate heat oil until golden brown and crispy fried. wrapper wrapping1 warm.1/4 219 g 1 wild French Le Brie (45 g) canned chunk light tuna drained20 wanton provides services in the oil. Add in the bowl to drained tuna, salt, sugar, minced shallot. ?????? well.2 mix. Brie with wanton.3 cut small slices, prepare the necessary. Perform these steps. Towel wet finishing the rest cover the wanton.

4. Heat oil on medium heat, deep-fry minutes until golden brown. Provides a warm service and drain on paper towel.

Cheese of the week: black Chevre

December 9, 2010

TEXTIf you are a fan of cheddar, you may want to try Chevre black Canadian cheese. I see it quite often in the cheese shops and grocery stores high range. The simple average ?The for Chevre black spot is by its square shape and black wax coating. Sharpness that cheddar is countered by a softness that reminds me lot of aged Gouda. And, as you can guessed by name, Chevre black is made from milk goat, which, for some people, makes it easier to digest.

Cheese of the week: green fields

December 8, 2010

The name of this cheese, fields of green, is an ode to the pasture where happy cows that provide the milk for Saxon Icmsa they. The pastures are full of clubs, dandelions and grass variety with big names such as “wild quack grass”.

Saxon Icmsa is a collaboration of three farms in Wisconsin, and all their cheese is made from raw cow milk.The green fields is firm but flexible with a flavor provides me, meat which has indicators of soft and hazelnuts grillées.Les onions cheese shops suggest pairing with a beer seasoned full green fields and I agree.

Basque style ETORKI and cheese baked.

December 4, 2010

Etorki Cheese 3317

Is from the French Basque country Etorki, cheese, Pyrenees. Over 4000 years Basque, and means “Etorki” “origin” is produced. We IL de-French received excellent Basque cheese samples from the distributes in the United States this cheese.

Hard cheeses sheep milk and pretty orange peel. Finish rich, buttery texture and light ivory nut is a little sweet taste.

Etorki good weekend lunch fresh crusty bread and cold cuts in delicious. In addition, melted and awesome. Since April month national grilled cheese, Etorki cheese, roast piquillo pepper, making special Basque-style grilled cheese sandwich with Basque style chorizo.

Is the combination of these components was fantastic, and we really delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and enjoyed.

Ingredients: (1 big sandwich)

Butter and olive oil
2 Large slices of pain and de-campagne (French country bread)
2 Large slices Etorki (bread slices approximate size)
3 Slices of Basque and Spanish Chorizo
Dry drainage, 2 roast piquillo pepper, delete, seed, relieved.

How to access:

Pre-heat a grill. Lightly butter bread slice or the brush oil on them. Lightly brown until the grill on one side, and then, turn it upside down. On each slice of one slice cheese bread. Approximately one minute, and grilled chorizo top one slice peppers. Cover the other slice of bread. Lightly on the bottom Grill until brown on the Cook until cheese has melted, flip a little longer.

Grilled Cheese 3395a

Lunch with cheese

November 29, 2010

Making an ordinary sandwich tasty indulgence-add a little French cheese!

Monte Cristo sandwich so far?
To add some melted to classic bases are some French talent.

* 6 Slices whole wheat sandwich bread Office only increasingly.
* 4 Oz. smoked once Turkey, thinly sliced
* 4 Oz Conte cheese, thinly sliced)
* 1 Small tomato, thinly sliced
* 2 Minutes of Basil dry 1 teaspoon or time, grinding
* 1 Egg
* 1 / 4 Cup milk
* 2 Teaspoons butter, split)

Methods and procedures

Check the rest of the steps to learn, full recipe-
I’m enjoying lunch if more!

Take a class of cheese

November 20, 2010

TEXTBy taking a class on a cheese you interested in? See this list of classes offered throughout the country cheese.

It is time to return to school, then why not take a class on a cheese? Much more fun than mathematics or spelling, I think.Classes are offered everywhere dairies and cheese shops and the best way to find one in your area is to ask at your local store for fromage.Les cheese classes are a great way to enjoy a variety of cheeses, learn how to pair wine and beer cheese and sometimes even learn how to make cheese.

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